I appreciate your frank, rigorous, yet flexible way of handling things. You understood from the very beginning that we had a few special constraints and always managed to find ways to accommodate them — in the strict respect of legal procedure.

I'm impressed by the way you work together — at all levels, from lawyers, to paralegals to the receptionists. I saw how you copied each other on the emails, always made sure the right person was informed, and were coordinated enough so that I never received conflicting information.

And lastly, I was really grateful for the way you came through in a tight deadline to prepare the deed before the expiry of the PoA I'd given my brother.

And although I hope I won't need a lawyer soon, if I do I'll surely contact your firm.

Gail Fagen

Why would you recommend this firm to others?

Because of Pearson Bollman Law’s diligence, perseverance and personal interest. Additionally, I hope I am able to refer others to them. Pearson Bollman Law does a great service to people like us who have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for nursing home care.

Pearson Bollman Law Client

Thank you for helping to minimize the pain for filing for Medicaid. My Mother was so relieved when she found out that my Father was approved & what her remaining finances would look like. She put her faith in us reluctantly, so it was very much a burden off her shoulders when she realized that she wouldn't be left without enough money for rent. I don't think we could have gotten through the mound of paperwork without your guidance. I was highly impressed with the short list of items that DHS came back asking for. I appreciate the follow through & responsiveness. I will gladly recommend you to anyone else I know that is going through similar circumstances. Thank you again for all you've done to make this difficult time less painful.

Pearson Bollman Law Client, Des Moines, Iowa

Matt is always very professional in working with his clients. I have a great amount of respect for him. He handled our situation very promptly and to best meet our needs. His presentation and explanation to our family was exceptional. Joyce and I would highly recommend him.

Bruce and Joyce - Des Moines. Iowa

Appreciate the efforts Matt Bollman extended to us to answeer all of our questions patiently. He carefully explained our options for our estate plan and we feel comfortable that we made a good decision. Thank you.

Pearson Bollman Law Client

Although I will still bug you with questions, we are grateful for all the help and impressed with your top notch treatment. Everyone there has been great. Thank you.

Greg - Des Moines. Iowa

Thank your for understanding, professionally documenting and supplying our estate planning portfolio.

Pearson Bollman Law Client

Thank you for so much for attending our family forum. You do an incredible job for the folks we serve and you are appreciated.

Shelly charter, Marketing Director / Assisted Living Housing Manager - Des Moines, Iowa

Phyllis Pearson and her capable staff expertly guided our family through the estate planning process and skillfully worked all the many details of securing VA benefits for my father, a World War II veteran. No matter what the estate planning question or VA requirement, Phyllis and her staff quickly responded and provided awesome support. Without the legal assistance from Phyllis and her staff, our family's estate would have been at risk and obtaining VA assistance for my father would not have happened.
With sincere thanks,

The Knutzon Family - Des Moines, Iowa

My name is Terry Nading. In January we had to put my father in an assisted living facility since he was unable to be left alone at his home. Dad is a veteran of World War II so I decided to check into the possibility of receiving some assistance from the Veterans Administration. I soon found out that I was not going to get much help from our local VA office. I started looking through applications on the VA web site and was totally confused by what I was reading. Then in March I was fortunate to learn there is a lawyer in Des Moines that handles VA applications and gets results. The firm's name is Pearson Bollman Law and I was told to contact Matt Bollman an attorney with the firm. I was able to obtain Matt's e-mail address and sent him an inquiry. He promptly responded he would be glad to assist in filing my dads VA application. I have had numerous e-mail and phone conversations with their office. Matt and Sandy have always been prompt in answering any questions I have. I recently received word from the VA that dad was approved for benefits well beyond what I expected. No way would I have been able to get the results without the help of Matt and Sandy. I understand they do a lot of VA applications, and I know why, they are very professional at what they do. I have never met either one of them in person, but consider both to be close friends for all they have done for my father. If you are looking to apply for VA benefits, I highly recommend you contact Matt's office and ask for his help. I am positive that working with Matt and Sandy will be a very pleasant experience. You will be surprised at the results they can get for you. I believe you will be like me and consider them good friends and somebody that is always there to answer any question you may have. My experience with them has been and continues to be very rewarding. I highly recommend Matt Bollman if you want results with VA benefits.

Terry Nading- Oelwein, Iowa

Dear Phyllis,
Thank you for your professional expertise & conscientious dedication in helping us put together a solid estate plan. You have a positive way of listening, respecting different styles, distilling the goals & getting down to business! Add to that our appreciation of your personal qualities of compassion & wisdom.
We look forward to a continuing relationship.

Mary and Tom - Des Moines, Iowa

Matt and Mike -
I want to thank you both for your time and all the phone calls you made to me and my family. When we were trying to get Medicaid Assistance for Marvin. All your work proved out good for us all, for 6 months prior to his death.
Thanks again for your services. It helped me out so much.

Arline B. - Des Moines, Iowa

Thank you very much for referring Dwight and Janice. I will keep you in the loop on the progress with them. I can't tell you how much I value referrals from other professionals. I will do my best to provide them the same level of service that you provide your clients.

A. - Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Matt,
Thank you for meeting with me last week and inviting Phyllis to join us. I have reviewed ``Your Guide to Estate Planning and Elder Law.`` It is an excellent resource. Very nice! As always, I share a lot about A Plus Home Care Services! It is so great to have you be a referral resource to assist my clients and acquaintances. I look forward, to the one page flyer I can take with all my intakes and share your services and the VA pension benefits.
Thank you and please continue to refer A Plus Home Care Services (me) to your clients and family members or if have a question regarding home care options I am excellent resource.
Again, thank you for your time and also for lunch.
Sincerely yours,

Anne Porter, RM, MHA - Des Moines, Iowa, A Plus Home Care Services and Supplies