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As people grow older, they tend to need more assistance in their day-to-day affairs. The reality is that some seniors will eventually require full-time, long-term care. As their loved one, you want to do everything to protect them and ensure they have a comfortable life. Unfortunately, long-term care options in Iowa are astronomically expensive – and their costs are only increasing.

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes will often become crucial to an elderly loved one’s continued comfort and health, but you may be understandably concerned how you will manage the costs of care.

Your elderly loved one likely saved funds for retirement and may have even used estate planning tools to prepare an inheritance for their children. These financial resources – the savings your loved one worked their entire life to build – can quickly get swallowed by long-term care bills.

Our West Des Moines Medicaid planning lawyers at Pearson Bollman Law can work to avoid this scenario by helping you strategically plan how to effectively manage long-term care costs. We have a complete knowledge of elder law in Iowa and the programs that are often leveraged to cover assisted living and nursing home expenses in the state.

Our Medicaid planning attorneys can help your elderly loved one explore Medicaid, long-term care health insurance, and other solutions. We are committed to helping your elderly loved one get the care that they need without jeopardizing their or your finances.

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Long-Term Care Insurance in Iowa

It may surprise you to learn that a majority of insurance policies do not offer any coverage for long-term care or assisted living facilities. Even Medicare, the federal government health insurance program for qualifying individuals, does not cover these expenses, even when utilized by older Americans.

Targeted, long-term care insurance policies can sometimes partially or completely cover the high expenses associated with long-term elder care. However, policies that include this level of coverage are often prohibitively expense for the average American. Even if you could in theory afford such a policy, you may not qualify due to a preexisting condition. If you are starting to plan for long-term care for a loved one that has already grown older, insurance companies may be wary of issuing long-term care insurance policies that will likely need to pay out sooner rather than later, even if no preexisting conditions automatically disqualify you.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford long-term care insurance and currently maintain a policy, you will need to carefully review what is covered. You should pay close attention to the length of coverage, deductible, and daily benefit limits. All of these factors can influence how much your policy will cover an extended long-term care stay.

Do not automatically assume your insurance policy will cover an assisted living facility or nursing home. The last thing you need is to generate expenses you are confident are covered only to learn you will need to draw into your savings to pay. If you are unsure of what is covered, our team can thoroughly review your policy and advise on your exposure. Should your policy turn out to not cover long-term care, we can help you identify other solutions.

Medicaid Planning in Iowa

A popular and effective means of covering long-term care expenses can be found in Medicaid. Not to be confused with Medicare, Medicaid is a joint federal-state government program that issues monetary benefits to cover qualifying healthcare expenses. The federal government provides the funding, while the state government sets rules about who is eligible.

Medicaid benefits can be used to cover qualifying long-term care costs, including assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Initially applying and continuing to qualify for this support requires navigating a complex bureaucracy of eligibility requirements and rules.

Our West Des Moines Medicaid planning attorneys have a complete knowledge of the rules involved with qualifying for Iowa’s program. We can assess your eligibility and identify tools and techniques to reorganize your income and asset holdings to gain Medicaid eligibility. Our team can also work with you to address stalled or rejected applications, including the filing and arguing of appeals.

Protect Your Elderly Loved One with Our Help

Our team has helped elderly Iowans with Medicaid and other forms of long-term care planning across the state. We have assisted thousands of families with our estate planning tools and are prepared to leverage our knowledge and experience to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our West Des Moines Medicaid planning lawyers at Pearson Bollman Law can work with you to identify effective means of covering long-term care expenses for your elderly loved ones. When you meet with our team, we will discuss your circumstances, concerns, and goals for your loved one’s care. We can then help you explore what planning and benefits options are available and guide you through each step of applying for and utilizing them.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can assist with your elderly loved one’s care. Call (515) 298-8850 or contact us online today.

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